When Should You Get A Tax Attorney?

When Should You Get A Tax Attorney?

While it may be easy to not realize this, but not all attorneys are the same. A criminal, civil, business, and tax attorney, while all trained in the law, are all separately specialized in their own respective legal fields. This means that if you need help with your taxes, you need a tax attorney.

But what does “need help with taxes” mean? Yes, certainly filing with an attorney works, but there are other reasons as well to seek out a legal expert. Below, we’ll go over all the reasons why you’ll need legal representation as well as some viable options to consider based on your area.

Reason #1. When Starting A Business

One of the more obvious reasons that many people don’t actually think of, starting a business is not as simple as just saying so. There are a ton of tax and legal considerations that must be taken into account or else you can be on the hook for some serious amounts of money.

Reason #2. When Buying Or Selling A Business

Another big reason to bring in a tax attorney is when you are in the process of either buying or selling a business from or to someone. Tax attorneys are great as they help you understand what your options are so that you don’t have to pay a considerable amount of capital gains on your sold business or its later acquisition.

Reason #3. When You Have Back Taxes

Probably one of the biggest reasons to ever need a tax attorney, regardless of your business status. If you owe back taxes, a tax attorney can not only ensure you aren’t suffering or dealing with jail time, but can even potentially help work out an agreement to reduce the amount owed. Simply put, if you’re in the hole with the IRS, a tax attorney can be that single solitary lifeline to be your ultimate salvation.

Where To Find A Good Attorney

Though understanding what you need them for is important, it is even more important to understand where to find one. Just as there are a lot of attorneys out there that you don’t need, there are also tax attorneys out there that just aren’t good. You need to find a qualified expert in the field that knows how to handle your issue effectively and at a reasonable price.

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