Tips To Keep In Mind When Finding A Dog Daycare

Tips To Keep In Mind When Finding A Dog Daycare

Dogs are not just mere pets; they are a part of our lives and families. Therefore, we are responsible for ensuring they are healthy, surviving in the immediate environment, and are healthy. This underscores the importance of selecting the best daycare for your dog. This is true if the daycare will be a part of your dog’s daily life. So, where do you begin? How do you ensure that you choose the right daycare for your dog? Read on to find out what you should consider in finding the best daycare for your dog.

1. Tour The Daycare Facilities In Person

Call or email the daycare and schedule a visit to their facilities. You’ll have a chance to scout the facility and feel what a day in there would be like for your dog. You will also have an opportunity to clear your doubts by asking more questions. Keep an eye out for proper gating, good ventilation, solid fencing, and safe floor surfaces.

2. Ask Whether The Dogs Are Appropriately Grouped

Do the daycare staff separate the dogs by age or size? What is the basis for separation, play style, or temperament? Or both? If the daycare doesn’t separate the dogs, you might want to continue your search.

3. Inquire About Staff-To-Dog Ratio

IBPSA recommends that one person should care for 15 dogs to ensure safety. However, depending on the dogs’ activity levels, IBPSA makes some allowances. For instance, if the dogs are more active, they might require more supervision, meaning more staff, and the reverse is also true.

4. Ask Whether The Daycare Follows A Schedule

Does the daycare staff follow a schedule when your dog comes to daycare to allow it to adjust? Are there structures for playtime? Most daycare facilities have supervised periods of rest for the dogs between playtimes. This ensures the dogs aren’t dehydrated or too exhausted.

5. Learn The Daycare’s Toy Policy

Dogs might be susceptible to resource guarding, including the most well-rounded ones. Hence, they might show aggression when another dog or person gets close to a resource, for instance, a toy they think is theirs. Does your dog have such behavior? Ensure you inform your staff to ensure they can watch out and safely prepare to handle the situation.

6. Ask About Temperament Or Trial Test

Dogs are different, and not all are cut out for daycare. A good daycare should have a trial run to ensure that your dog adjusts okay. The daycare might also require a temperament test to ensure the dog is suited to the facility’s routines and being in the company of others.

7. Inquire About Staff Training

Do the staff have the experience of training or working with dogs? Does the daycare facility offer additional training to its staff on handling the dogs safely within a group environment? Every dog has different needs, meaning that a good facility should offer continuous training to its staff. This ensures the staff is ready to handle any scuffles when they break out.

8. Does The Daycare Have An Emergency Medical Care Plan?

Besides having the training for correctly and safely administering first aid, the daycare facility should have a plan for where to go or what to do if one of the dogs needs emergency care or a vet. This is critical because no one can preempt emergencies; you can only be ready.

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After analyzing the dog daycares available near you, choose one that you feel more confident leaving your dog under their care. Ensure your dog is having a good time. If you are a resident of Los Angeles, visit to see whether we have a pup daycare near you. Alternatively, contact us for any queries you might have regarding dog daycare.